For Your Home

We know that you have to protect your home from the outside, in. With our protection service, we can keep your family and pets safe from pests and the diseases they spread.  Every home and landscape is different so we always design a unique program for each client. This allows for effective pest control without any unnecessary treatments or added costs.

During an inspection we will look at your foundation, windows, soffits, basement, crawlspace, attic, under sink, etcetera. We are looking for evidence of an infestation as well as places your home may be vulnerable. Most of the time we find a number of areas where a home is vulnerable to an invasion, making a routine inspection valuable even if we don't find any pests.

Remember, your home is valuable. Rodents and insects can be controlled. Be sure to have scheduled inspections to protect your investment.

Protect your Home and Property all year

Be proactive against pests!  We offer an inclusive year-round protection plan, so you don't have to worry.  When you enroll in our classic, yearly program you are guaranteed regularly scheduled inspections , recommendations for future prevention, as well as easy and convenient payment plans.  We schedule at your convenience and are there whenever you need us in between any scheduled visits.

Here, at Sequoia, we pride ourselves on being Certified Commercial Applicators and not "technicians." Our applicators practice a common sense attitude along with continued education to keep our clients pest free. We offer organic and biological options in order to remove worries about sprays and chemicals.

For Your Lawn
The IPM Approach
Practicing lawn care is the first step towards pest and weed prevention. Not every weed or insect is a cause for alarm so it is important to get professional and experienced advice.
We use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to ensure the health and beauty of your lawn. (IPM) is an environmental minded approach to pest management. This method relies on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment, added with common-sense practices. Mainly used to manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to your family, property, and the environment.
We can also perform a soil test to determine whether or not the pH level is normal. This will help prevent you from overusing fertilizer, which promotes weed growth and makes plants more susceptible to diseases. In addition to proper maintenance, it's important to regularly monitor the lawn for pests. We will inspect your lawn during the early morning. Since pests are more active at night, this is the best time to look for them.
If lawn maintenance and monitoring fail, control is the next step. To prevent the use of either harsh pesticides or herbicides, we first recommend using chemical-free treatments. In lawn care, this means digging or hand-pulling weeds. It also means trying cultural controls, like watering the lawn to eliminate drought stress, before using insecticides. If a natural approach doesn't produce results, you may need to use chemicals. Although IPM doesn't prohibit chemical use, it suggests using a safer alternative instead.

Environmentally friendly, we believe nature is beautiful, and our goal is to keep it that way.

Feel free to check us out, our Pest Control license number is BU# 10322.

Tips and Advice

Many insects and rodents are attracted to food and water, so start off by making your home less enticing to pests.

Wipe up spills immediately with soap and water.

Take out garbage daily and keep garbage cans clean of food residue.

Keep ripe fruit in the fridge.

Wash dishes daily, or at least submerge them in soapy water until you can get to them.

Make sure all food and beverage containers outside the fridge or freezer are tightly sealed. Glass jars with rubber seals or plastic containers with tight snap-on lids are better than screw-top jars.

Sweep and vacuum your floors regularly.

Keep bathroom and kitchen areas as dry as possible. Fix leaky faucets and don't let standing water accumulate.

If you have a pet, comb it regularly with a flea comb and wash its bedding frequently. Be sure to vacuum floors, rugs and upholstery your pet comes in contact with regularly.

Use silicone caulk to seal any cracks and crevices in baseboards, moldings, cupboards, pipes, ducts, sinks, toilets and electrical outlets. Basically seal entryways.

Place screens in front of heating and cooling vents, and repair holes in any existing screens. The average mouse found in homes can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime!

Keep vegetation, stacked firewood and other debris away from the exterior of your house so pests can't climb up and in.

Trees and Shrubs
Not all insects are bad for trees and shrubs. Although when bad insects begin an infestation, it can have devastating effects on your landscaping. These pests are extremely efficient and can ruin a mature tree in a matter of weeks. When your tree is faced with this kind of attack, it is crucial to identify the exact insect and take immediate action.
Our Arborists are aware of which pests are causing the most trouble in you neighborhood and what plants on your property should be pre-treated. Just as you would have routine pest inspection of your home, it is worth the effort to have your landscaping protected too.
We offer a number of treatments including chemical free options for maintaining a wonderful, natural living environment for you and your family to enjoy for years. You can sign up for our arbor plan where we routinely inspect for these issues.

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