When you ask around about us or check us out yourself you will find that our name and reputation will stand out.  Our mill stock comes from the tree work we do or re-claimed lumber that we find, never from large land clearing projects. Our sawmill service was built and designed with the idea of re-purposing the trees our business removes. We maintain our reputation by consistently pleasing our clients and standing by our products.

Rough Cut Lumber for Siding

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Dingmans Ferry, PA

Enjoy a rustic feel inside or outside your home with custom sized siding. We can provide long, wide panels that can be planned or rough cut. They go up easy and each board has it's own knots and personal characteristics that add character to any structure. Wood siding can also be an inexpensive way to stretch your design dollars to the maximum.

We keep a good selection of lumber on hand for all of your project needs. Contact us to see what’s in our current inventory and feel free to inquire about rare or reclaimed lumber.

Wood Slabs

Wood slabs make the perfect counter tops, bar tops, or benches!   At Sequoia Tree Service, we can manufacture and fabricate one for you or simply supply you with the slab(s) for your own creation.  

We can custom cut or you can choose a pre-cut slab.  We have many species of hardwood slabs to choose from, including Pines, Firs, Maples, Oaks, and Walnuts.  Thickness can range from 1 inch and up. We generally keep a rotating stock of slabs and burls.

Why Sequoia Sawmill Service ?

We provide planed or rough cut lumber for flooring, siding, decking, and construction. We also have unique slabs for furniture making, lathe turning, and various artisan uses.

We have a large capacity mill which allows for milling up to 49" wide and 33 feet long. We also have the equipment to deliver it to your home or business.

A Cut Above The Rest


Most flooring is cut into short, thin lengths in order to cut around defects. We choose and mill every log in order to yield the widest, most stable and attractive floor boards we can. Consult with us about what type and quality flooring would best suit your needs. Wide plank flooring?  No problem.