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Why Sequoia Timber Frames?

Our timber structures are put together in both new and reclaimed lumber. These structures are custom built to your specific needs and desires, along with your choice of millwork.  They are great for homes, stables, barns, garages, custom cut interior beams, covered sitting areas, etc...

Timber is a great choice for a number of reasons, first they look great and add character to your home and landscaping.  They are strong and stand the test of time, and they could even be the very selling point to potential buyers when trying to sell your home. Let's not forget the lack of impact they have on the environment. 

The benefit of using Sequoia Timber Frame over a competitors, is that WE cut the trees that WE make our timber out of. Most of our lumber comes with a story, weather it simply came off the mountainside of the Pennsylvania hills or was harvested right from the front lawn on a historic site that we often care for. When buying from us  you can be assured the wood you receive won't come from a massive land clearing, but instead local tree removals and smaller lot clearings for private homes.​


When it comes to design we can either design the whole project for you or we can work with your existing architects, structural engineers and builders, to achieve the best results.  We have a comprehensive knowledge of timber framing and traditional building techniques to efficiently produce designs that work with both modern and classical architecture.

Why Timber frames ?

Timber frame construction can span long distances without the use of load bearing walls or posts.  This allows for the best benefit of all,  open layouts with all the structural components exposed. You will enjoy a warm, inviting, comfortable look of natural wood which compliments every season.  

We all love this reason, less impact on the environment. Timber frame designs use at least 30 percent less lumber than a traditional home. 

Timber frame construction typically goes up a lot quicker than traditional stick framing and adds to the character of the structure and lifestyle of the owner.  Why not create something with inherit strength and beauty, that's a celebration of both the crafstman and the owner. 

At Sequoia Tree Service are practice is to reuse and re-purpose the trees we remove, while other tree companies treat wood as waste and dump it in local municipal yards. We have constructed many wonderful things from wood, everything from large timber framed home additions to a tiny well house. We are currently constructing a covered bridge.​

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You may picture timber frames as assembling walls on the ground and using 50 men and a couple of donkeys to lift them into place. Then they would brace them in the air while another 50 men assemble the next wall underneath this couple of ton hazard. Thankfully those days are gone.

We use a 29 ton capacity crane that can reach over 120 feet. It makes for a safe and efficient working environment. We own this crane and use it for our large tree removals, so costly crane rental fees can be cut out of the equation. This saves on the overall cost of the project. Each man on our crew has a true passion for nature and is very versed about framing.