Soil Fertilization and Management

A tree grows in its natural habitat - leaves and branches fall to the ground, rot away, and feed the soil. Sometimes, trees need extra fertilization, irrigation redirection, and/or root aeration to maintain their vitality. Our experience in commercial and residential tree care can help maintain the overall health of your soil. Our arborist can design a feeding and fertilization schedule to make caring for your trees hassle and worry-free.

Soil Sampling and Testing

A tree's overall health begins with the earth in which it grows. We will take a soil sample and send it out for analysis. These lab results will tell us the pH level, nitrogen levels, nutrient analysis, and the type of soil your trees are currently growing in. If corrective measures need to be taken, we offer a soil management program to improve your soils vitality. Annual soil analysis can be done to check the progress of our treatments.

Improving Root Systems

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Aeration and Root Collar Excavation

 Sometimes a tree root can be cut off from vital nutrients due to soil compaction. When this happens, we can use a high pressure air tool (called an air spade) to safely loosen the soil to improve aeration, without any negative effect on the root system. This can have a noticeable effect on a trees performance and the results can be seen in one or two seasons.

Primarily due to "over mulching", a tree's base or root collar can become buried. When this happens tree roots grow in such a way they begin to wrap around the base, essentially "choking" the tree. This can be corrected by simply removing the dirt around the trunk and cutting away the problem roots. This should only be done by a professional who has a thorough understanding of tree biology.

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