As a Pike County "weekender", I have been challenged to find quality, reliable honest tradesmen to work on our property. Sequoia stands out from the crowd with rare qualities of knowledge, professionalism, meticulous tree work and reliability.

Sequoia does not whack down isolated trees. They remove trees/branches as part of a larger tree management plan. Tree health, danger to property, sun, wind, landscape vision, factor into their advice and work.

Finally, Sequoia crew respect my property. They avoid damage to specimen trees I've transplanted and do their best not to trash your lawn and driveway.  

And, if you every get to see Fran climb a tree, you have been treated to acrobatics in your own backyard!

Richard Buonomo
New York City / Dingmans Ferry


“ After 40 years in forestry and landscape management, I want a tree service that is qualified, knowledgeable, and completely dependable.   Trees are a huge investment, and quality work is essential to me.   Fran Stoveken and  Sequoia Tree Service is as good as it gets.”

Edgar Brannon
Landscape and Forestry Consultant

“Simply the best company I have ever worked for.  Fran has respect for nature and an admirable code of ethics. The continued education and training I have received here brought me from Tree Guy to Arborist.”

David Lough

Foreman at Sequoia Tree Service

A Cut Above The Rest

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Milford, PA